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What is Scheduling?

Schedule planning and development are the processes for the planning of work over time in consideration of the costs and resources for that work. Schedule planning and schedule development are separate, but related, sub-processes that call for different skills and knowledge emphasis

Schedule planning starts with translating work package scope into manageable activities and determining the manner and sequence (i.e., logic) in which these activities are best performed. The means, methods, and resources used for accomplishing the activities are then identified, alternatives evaluated, and the responsibility and accountability for each activity assigned.

Schedule planning concludes with estimating the duration of the sequenced activities based on adequate resources being available and planned means and methods. Planning is a continuously iterative process. The result of schedule planning is a schedule model of a project’s execution plan used to monitor and control for successful completion.

Schedule planning puts an emphasis on the practitioner’s knowledge of the work, means and methods, and skills with tapping the knowledge and experience of those responsible for performance of that work. Multi-skilled practitioners (often called planners) perform the schedule planning process interactively with the project team members who will actually implement the plan and with whom the best planning knowledge often resides.

Effective planning depends not only on the planner having a working knowledge of how each activity is performed, but also on the whole team reaching consensus on what the desired sequence of workflow is. While some planners focus only on the work in which they have expertise, other planners may have the role of facilitator or coordinator of the work of the more specialized planners or experts.

AACE Certifications

Certified Scheduling Technician (CST) – Technician Level

A CST is an individual who has demonstrated proficiency in the general skills and knowledge of the scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework. Generally, CST represents early-career professionals who are working to gain the requisite years of experience, to become a certified Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) or more experienced mid- to late-career professionals who wish to be recognized for their planning and scheduling skills.

Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) – Professional Level

A PSP is a skilled planning and scheduling professional with advanced experience in project planning, and developing, monitoring, updating, forecasting and analyzing integrated project schedules. The PSP leads the planning and scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework. A PSP is able to communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, both internal and external.