AACE Rising Professionals Committee (RPC) – University Outreach Presentation

As 2019-2020 Chair of AACE Rising Professionals Committee (RPC), Daniel P. Gilmour shared his presentation with us which an introduction to project controls careers and AACE in general. As he stated,  “the Rising Professionals Committee’s (RPC) mission is to provide insight and recommendations to create a foundation for AACE’s value to younger individuals who are rising in their careers in total cost management.   Throughout the past two year, one of the RPC’s most significant initiatives is to improve AACE’s university outreach.  Around this time last year, we sent each section recommendations for how to improve university outreach and this year we have produced, with the help of AACE HQ, a template university outreach slide deck for our sections to take to local universities.” The presentation can be downloaded here.

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